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Welcome to my little piece of cyberspace. You are in my personal webpage. My name is Diego F. Romero, sometimes known in cyberspace by my nick "DriverOp".

I am from Argentina, from Entre Ríos province, at Gualeguaychú town; and by all means I am against the settlement of pasteras at the opposed side coast of our Uruguay river.


This page contains serious things and not ones. It is a webpage to read and, I hope, to learn new things. If you have some commentary just use my contact form. Here you will find texts of my authorship and from other people I have selected, sometimes they have sent them to me, everything with permission of their authors. My areas of interest are:

  • Computer programming, Object Pascal (Dephi) and COBOL languages.
  • Sciences, specially "hard sciences", like physics and cosmology.
  • Atheism and philosophy in general. Critic to religions.
  • The atheistic humanism.
  • Literature, in special sort of science fiction.
  • Research on the Network of Networks.

I've got a degree in System Analisis and work developing software in two different fields, Commercial Management Systems and SCADA Systems.

Instructions and acknowledges.

To navigate through my website you can use the menu on the left, it will take you to each section of it. As I like to experiment, not always you find that everything works as it should. If you see something wrong, please let me know because it's likely that I messed up ;).

It may not be obvious at first glance but this is not a blog and I created this website from almost zero, programming and designing "by hand". It has some specific mechanisms of a blog and do not pretend to imitate one. So If you link to an article here, please let me know and I reciprocate the kindness linking your page from mine.

Be welcome to my webpage :).


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